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About my perennial veggies garden in Telford, Shropshire

Thinking about strategies

That is to say, thinking about what strategies the plants are using in the garden and how I can appropriately respond.  Yesterday I was tidying up the edge of the lawn working my way along the ‘long border’.  As I … Continue reading

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End of an era

Next Friday we move out of this home.  My partner has lived here for 32 years and I joined her fourteen years ago when the new millennium was a few months old.  Needless to say we have a lot of … Continue reading

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A (somewhat early) harvest of yacon

We hope to complete on our house sale soon which means I am harvesting vegetables in the Telford garden sooner than I would normally do. On Thursday it was the turn of the yacon.  I broke off the edible tubers … Continue reading

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Moving on

It has been a lovely autumn day to spend out in the garden.  A bit windy perhaps but sunny and much warmer that I might have expected.  I spent the time tidying up mainly –  cutting back lots of growth from some … Continue reading

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Where are the bees?

How are the  bees (and other insects) doing where you are this year? As I have been watching my Telford garden this year I have noticed that there seem to be far fewer bees than in previous years.  I have … Continue reading

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Nature’s way of ‘planting’

I tend to leave the edges of the garden away from the vegetable polycultures to do their own thing as far as is practical.  I have an ever increasing respect for nature knowing what is best and like to trust … Continue reading

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Exuberant angelica

Reviewing recent photos confirmed what my senses told me – that when the angelica came up this year it veritably exploded from the ground!  One week it was a relatively small hummock of leafy growth, eight days later it had … Continue reading

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