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A Thoughtful Guide to Planting Trees and Saving the Earth — Blog – The Food Forest Project

Here’s a post from ‘The Food Forest Project’ blog – one with which I heartily concur: Climate breakdown is unfolding before our eyes, the planet is losing species faster than at any other time in human history, and people are … Continue reading

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The Sacred Gardener

As a powerful alternative to the consumerist fantasy land that we are invited to inhabit at Christmas here is a video from Steven Martyn – The Sacred Gardener – from Canada and, more fundamentally, from Earth.  Sit down somewhere comfortable, … Continue reading

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Singapore – A Garden City

Whenever I have heard other people speak about Singapore they have generally had a stopover to break up a long journey and despite only a brief visit they have said what a lovely place it is.  Now I know why.  … Continue reading

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New Zealand (II) wild flowers and gnarly trees

I always keep an eye out for wild flowers when I travel in the UK and particularly if I go  away on holiday.  It was interesting to see lots of familiar flower (daisies, dandelions, docks, scarlet pimpernel and others) in … Continue reading

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New Zealand

We kept mainly off the well used tourist route in New Zealand and stayed in self catering accommodation.  In each place our hosts also lived on site and we want to say another thank you to Rose and Richard, Lyndon … Continue reading

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My partner and I have just returned from a wonderful trip to New Zealand, travelling via Singapore.  By way of a change in this winter lull from the garden I thought I would write a few posts about some of … Continue reading

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What to do about slugs?

I love this post from Carol about slugs in her garden. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I walked out the other day to find this: Endives seedlings munched to bare soil, despite being carefully tucked up in a pot with copper tape around the … Continue reading

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The why of fruit thinning

Originally posted on Mortal Tree:
I noticed one of the apples in the food forest had finished blooming and now had tons of tiny apples clustered on its branches. I took the situation in hand and started to pick them…

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I am just back after a lovely holiday in France.  One of the highlights was a visit to Guédelon Castle in Burgundy.  This is not just any old castle, in fact it is not just any new castle either.  It … Continue reading

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Shrewsbury Flower Show 2016 — Anni’s veggies – in pictures

I am exhibiting again at Shrewsbury Flower Show this coming Friday and Saturday – 12th and 13th August.  Last year I was part of a group that grew the plants for and built a permaculture themed show garden.  This year … Continue reading

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