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Author of Edible Perennial Gardening and avid researcher into edible perennials and associated useful plants.

A Thoughtful Guide to Planting Trees and Saving the Earth — Blog – The Food Forest Project

Here’s a post from ‘The Food Forest Project’ blog – one with which I heartily concur: Climate breakdown is unfolding before our eyes, the planet is losing species faster than at any other time in human history, and people are … Continue reading

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summer trees

I have been away on holiday and missed the last two months for posting my tree following.  They are all in their summer glory right now and I thought I would add something about the context they are growing in. … Continue reading

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Song of Water

Song of Water is a blog post written by James McGowan for the Dark Mountain website which I am re-blogging here.  It beautifully illustrates the depth of the relationship with nature that most humans have lost a long time ago, … Continue reading

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re-interpreting the garden

Q:        When I walk out into my garden this afternoon what is the most helpful ‘thing’ I can take outside with me? A:        A different attitude of heart and mind.  A mind that is prepared to give up control and … Continue reading

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Massive perennial kales

Perennial kales were one of the first perennial vegetables I tried to acquire and from that time to this they have always been a mainstay of my garden.  This year they have surpassed themselves in growing even more massive than … Continue reading

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tree following April to May 2019

Apple Trwyn Mochyn, Borderland Garden, Wales 23 April 2019 This is a slow starter, which is perhaps a good thing in this somewhat unpredictable climate.  But by the end of April the flower buds are beginning to open. And being … Continue reading

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tree following March 2019

afal (apple) trywn mochyn 4.00 pm 3 March 2019 Welsh borders I don’t think my little trwyn mochyn apple tree looks much different to last month, but you can see that the Welsh onions growing nearby are taller and greener … Continue reading

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