Finding out more

I am keen to enable other people to get to know and grow perennial vegetables and polycultures.  For further information contact me on annisveggies at hotmail dot co dot uk.

3 Responses to Finding out more

  1. Cathy Owen says:

    I have been trying to convert my garden into a permaculture edible food forest for a few years now and need more info on edible perennials and where to buy young plants online or lical to Bucks UK.. Can you help? Do you have a blog with details about edible perennials? Thanks so much for your time! Love and light…Cathy.


  2. annisveggies says:

    Hi Cathy I will email you a list of perennial veg suppliers.


  3. Gina Gaines says:

    Just wanted you to know I’ve nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award. You’ll have to visit my post about the award for instructions on how to receive it.


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