Buying Perennial Vegetables from France

I’m rather like a child at Christmas when I see the postman coming with a parcel for me.  Today there were two!  I have ordered Daubenton’s kale and some other perennial veggies – oca, yacon, perpetual leeks and sorrel from two suppliers in France:

I have also put links for them on the blogroll to the right. 

Ordering plants from overseas is not too daunting even if you are not fluent in the language the process is recognisable as the same as any English language site and if you are unsure about the actual meanings you can paste chunks of text into a Google or other translation site eg

I placed my orders last weekend and they must have been despatched immediately.  The new arrivals were well packed and are strong and healthy.

About Anni Kelsey

Author of Edible Perennial Gardening and avid researcher into edible perennials and associated useful plants.
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3 Responses to Buying Perennial Vegetables from France

  1. grant says:

    hi I could seem to get them to ship the perpetual leeks to me –would you be willing to sell some seeds or tell me how you arranged your order –thanks grant


  2. grant says:

    oops I meant I could NOT get them to ship


  3. Anni Kelsey says:

    Hi Grant, send me an email to annisveggies at hotmail dot co dot uk and we can sort some out for you.



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