Sweet cicely seeds available

I have just harvested ripe seeds from my sweet cicely plants.  If anyone would like some please email me on annisveggies@hotmail.co.uk.  I won’t be charging for them.

Sweet cicely is a herbaceous perennial reaching up to two or three feet in height and up to two feet across.  They prefer damp and shady conditions, come up and flower early in the year nd attract early bumblebees.

The leaves can be used to sweeten tart dishes such as gooseberries and the seeds have a pleasant aniseed flavour whilst they are still green and chewable.  A very nice plant all round.  I grow mine close to fruit bushes and kales which works well.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Sweet cicely

About Anni Kelsey

Author of Edible Perennial Gardening and avid researcher into edible perennials and associated useful plants.
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4 Responses to Sweet cicely seeds available

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  2. coffeeinthesquare says:

    I’d love some more seeds. Mine all succumbed to the pit before I could save any flowers. Shall I send you a stamped addressed envelope?


  3. Bill Wright says:

    Hi Anni.Would like some seeds. Just tell me the postage. Thanks . Bill


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