Shrewsbury Flower Show – update

I had a great time at Shrewsbury Flower Show last weekend.  I found that lots of people – noticeably more than in past years – were interested in the perennial vegetables on display.  There were lots of questions and much discussion was generated. It also helped that Monty Don had apparently mentioned skirret on Gardeners’ World on Friday last week so people took a particular interest in that.

AK shrewsbury flower show

At the show I met Chris Smith of Pennard Plants.  He gave a talk about unusual edibles and had a large range of seeds and plants for sale.  Do visit the Pennard Plants website if you have not already done so.  They sell a very good range of seeds including the aforementioned skirret.

I was also very pleased to spot the Jurassic Plants stand where I was able to buy a small blue sausage plant – and a very healthy looking plant it was.

Some people left their contact details to find out more about perennial vegetables, others took details of this blog to see more about what I grow – if you are interested get in touch for any further information!


About Anni Kelsey

Author of Edible Perennial Gardening and avid researcher into edible perennials and associated useful plants.
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One Response to Shrewsbury Flower Show – update

  1. Andy says:

    Looks good. Sounds like you had a good time 🙂


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