Otter Farm updated update!

I am very pleased to say that Otter Farm reached their target!


With six days to go, the Otter Farm Crowdfunder appeal is at 60% of its target.  Mark is offering some additional rewards for pledging as per his letter below.  If you can, please support him and his work, it is a brilliant project.  Anni


Hello hello

So here we are, 6 days to go, 60% raised of the 60k. And I feel about 60, so there’s some symmetry at least.

Can I just day a HUGE thank you for getting us to this point.

It’s a tall order still, but we are in with a racing chance of reaching the total, thanks to you.

I’m going to do a 5 day countdown, starting tomorrow: every day at noon I will randomly draw a name from all those who have pledged and that person will win the £300 prize of two places on a course of their choice, or any prizes that add up to the same value if they prefer.

You’ve been amazing in getting us this far, and I hope you won’t mind me asking you to share this far and wide on any social media you use, by email and word of mouth. I’ll tweet and Facebook about it from today so that people are aware, so anything you can do to help reach people will make a real difference in our chances of getting there.

It’s an all-or-nothing deal: if we don’t reach 60k we get nothing! All part of the fun.

I want to offer you an exclusive too: if you pledge again for any amount, we’ll add the £25 pledge to it – that means we send you a bottle of Otter Farm wine on top of what you pledge for. Pledge anything, even a tenner and you get it. And anyone pledging twice, doubles their chances of winning when we do the 5-day daily draw.

Thanks again, you are why we are in this position, and I’m enormously grateful. There are 6 more days to make it, and one of the reasons I want to get there is to share a glass with each of you to say thank you.

Enjoy the sunshine

Mark x

About Anni Kelsey

Author of Edible Perennial Gardening and avid researcher into edible perennials and associated useful plants.
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