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This is a short post not directly related to vegetables or gardens, in praise of Permaculture Magazine and the team behind that publication.  At the moment they are pulling out all the stops to bring the magazine, and thereby permaculture to a wider and wider audience.  With the International Permaculture Convergence being held in the UK this year they have printed a much larger print run that usual with the aim of reaching many more people.  In their words:

“Heaps of new people subscribing this weekend would truly help permaculture to continue to grow in influence at this important time for our planet and its people (no matter where we are living).”

The team behind the magazine also publish a wide range of permaculture books (including mine!) and sell all sorts of green goodies.  They have a very informative website and Facebook page and spend a lot of additional time and effort promoting permaculture at every opportunity.

Bearing in mind the singular lack of political attention to the most pressing of issues facing us all (I am writing on the day of the UK general election results) the efforts the PM team go to promote and bring about a better world are incredible and they need all our support.  A year’s subscription is only £14.95 and now includes free digital / app access to over 20 years of back issues.  If you already subscribe why not gift a subscription for a friend or family member?


About Anni Kelsey

I love forest gardens and forest gardening, nature, reading and everything good about being alive. I have written two books - the garden of equal delights (2020) - about the principles and practice of forest gardening; and Edible Perennial Gardening (2014) - about growing perennial vegetables in polycultures, which is basically forest gardening concentrating on the lower layers.
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  1. A great publication, no doubt. The online access to all the past issues, is a huge bonus to the subscription.


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