Forest Gardening in Miniature (2)

If you are reading this you are almost certainly acquainted with what a forest garden is.  If you are not then go to to see Martin Crawford walking in and talking about his forest garden.  His garden is utterly lovely and inspirational and many people who see it aspire to getting a patch of land and planting their own forest garden, but sadly access to land other than the average back garden or allotment is not possible for the majority of us. 

I am inspired by Martin’s example and have a number of fruit trees which give structure to the garden.  However it can only accommodate a limited number of trees so most of the area needs to be planted with lower storey plants.  Thus the decision to focus on finding and growing perennial vegetables.  I hope that my endeavours will ultimately help other people to plan and plant productive back garden forest gardens using a wide range of perennial vegetables.

An internet search reveals that small scale / suburban gardens now planted as forest gardens with blogs or websites are very rare.  Two examples are given below, and at present they are the only two I can find.  There are a number of forest garden projects also happening on private land in the countryside, on farms, smallholdings and community based projects. 

I think these two back garden forest gardens are inspirational as they relate to what ordinary people can achieve.  The more of us that produce our own food on the land we do have access to the more sustainable and secure we are personally and collectively.  If an increasing proportion of that food is grown organically, according to permaculture principles and includes a range of edible perennial crops as in forest gardens that is better still. This is a web site / blog that is packed with useful information and the practicalities of small scale forest gardening including theory, detailed plans of the garden and an ongoing blog of progress. This web site details the first year of a transformation from traditional back garden to forest garden.  In words and pictures it shows the delights of designing for a diverse range of plants and, amongst other things, how quickly the plants start to knit together to form a productive community.

About Anni Kelsey

I love forest gardens and forest gardening, nature, reading and everything good about being alive. I have written two books - the garden of equal delights (2020) - about the principles and practice of forest gardening; and Edible Perennial Gardening (2014) - about growing perennial vegetables in polycultures, which is basically forest gardening concentrating on the lower layers.
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